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Last update: 01/01/2024
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Italian Draughts
Italian Draughts

The asterisks **** indicate players who are not certified on PerGioco Masters and are therefore excluded from the ranking and prizes until they register, which can take place at any time, by December 31st, the date on which the ranking becomes definitive.

PGC (PerGioco Coins) are virtual coins accumulated during tournaments. At the end of the tournament, the first in the general ranking will be able to transform the PGCs into real prizes.

In tournaments with the Italian-Swiss system, those who do not show up for the first match do not enter the rankings and do not suffer any rating penalties. Anyone who doesn't show up for a match after the first one suffers a penalty (for the rating that match is considered a defeat, but not the subsequent ones).
Games won due to the absence or abandonment of the opponent are considered wins for the rating. Matches won by BYE do not count as qualifying matches for the rating.
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